Second and final gig at Museum of London tomorrow as resurrection man


Museum of London

Fantastic day at MoL last Sunday as grave robber. Looking forward now to next performance in March.

Museum of London

Really getting excited about working at the Museum of London early next year.

QV at Bow Brickhill

Hope the weather improves for Q.V.’s appearance at Bow Brickhill next Sunday

Eve had a wonderful time at Leighton House last night.

Now looking forward to 1950’s event at Holkham Hall followed by Queen Victoria at Battle Abbey in a couple of weeks

Walking canes

Two new sticks bought at an antique fair today, a beautiful ebony one with a bronze head finial for Her Majesty, and an ebonised swordstick for me.

Work for Queen Victoria

An exciting weekend. Possibility of appearing with ‘Queen Victoria’ at the Buxton G&S Festival and for English Heritage at Battle.

Fingers crossed